Canoe tours for groups, schools, companies and clubs

Variety and outdoor adventure

Out of the office and off into the outdoor fun! Due to deadlines and time pressure, it is often hard to get to know employees and colleagues during the working week. Company incentives not only promote solidarity, but above all bring relaxation; stress is relieved and afterwards you can face new challenges again with full vigour. Incentive trips offer plenty of time to be active together, catch your breath and get to know your work colleagues outside of the office rooms as well. Are you planning a company incentive? On our currently 11 stages between Lienz and Lavamünd, we can offer you various day tours and courses, but also purely the hire of the equipment. We are always happy to respond to any questions or requests you may have.

Classroom on the Drava

There are also a lot of interesting things for school classes to discover and learn on the Drava paddling route. Your pupils learn to use the canoe paddle correctly and to assess the dangers of the river and can explore the river course together. Embark on an expedition together with your class! On the stages between Lienz and Lavamünd, your pupils can be researchers at places such as the Dellach Drava oasis or the Zikkurat Drauwelle land art project in Selkach (Ludmannsdorf). Your class trip on the Drava can also be wonderfully combined with other outdoor activities such as cycling, climbing or swimming.

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