Paddling in harmony with nature

Working days at the office are often loud and stressful. A sitting activity and hours of work in front of a screen are hugely demanding for the body and the eyes. With a canoe, it becomes possible to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and feel the calming effect of the water’s flowing movement.

For us, the main focus here is on experiencing nature accompanied by respectful treatment of wildlife. Intact nature is important not just for the flora and fauna, but also for experiencing paddling on the Drava. For every paddler, travelling on the Drava paddling route means adhering to rules that ensure the preservation of the habitat.

In most contexts, nature must adapt to humans; on the river, it is the opposite. Here, the rapids and the gradient specify the paddler’s speed. The canoeist must adapt to the river.


On the river to breathtaking peak experiences

Paddling on the Drava is not only to offer a leisure experience, but also to promote canoeing. Paddling or canoeing, whether with a Canadian, a kayak or an SUP, trains the musculature of the upper body and can be combined wonderfully with other sports. A perfect complement to cycling or hiking with sufficient time for visiting trip destinations and peak experiences!

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